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Puppy Head Start

Give your pup the best chance to become great

Our puppy head start program creates a great foundation in which we can build a better retriever off of.

  • For puppies 7 to 20 weeks old.

  • Builds confidence with positive reinforcement.

  • Creates desire to do the right thing.

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Started Dog Program

Building man's best friend

This program will teach your dog basic obedience for a retriever.

  • For Jr Hunters

  • Dogs 5 months and up.

  • Recall, sit, heel, hold, fetch and mark

  • Introduction to gunfire with confidence.

  • Water work around decoys.

  • Duck blind manners.

  • Marking birds out to 200 yds

  • Live and cripple bird training.

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Finished Retriever

How all future endeavors are attained

Are you looking to compete in hunt tests and field trials? Than this is what your retriever needs. Please contact us with more questions about the finished dog program.

  • For Sr. and Master Hunters.

  • Multiple marking concepts.

  • Run blinds.

  • Whistle Commands.



Going out of town?

Going on vacation and can’t take your best friend?
Webfoot Kennel offers dog boarding! Bring up your best friend for their own doggy vacation at our new state of the art facility!

Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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